Professional Bullwhip: 12 Foot

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Circus Armory Professional Series Bullwhips are made to order from top of the line whip-makers 650 nylon paracord, using 100% vegan materials. Comprised of three individual layers of hand braided strands stacked one on top of the other, each layer is then bound using artificial sinew to stiffen the whip and make for a beautiful and consistent roll down the length of the whip. Once completed, the whip is soaked in liquid wax making it more durable and weather resistant. All Circus Armory whips utilize a quick release or "English Eye" fall hitch, making the fall easily replaceable by the user in only a few minutes without the use of any specialized tools. As a bonus, all whips ship with a Circus Armory carry bag to store your whip and accessories.

Features Include:

  • 12 feet (366 cm) in length from heel knot to fall hitch
  • 16 plait two color overlay
  • Two braided bellies
  • Shot loaded core
  • Fiberglass handle core
  • English eye fall hitch
  • Two color heel knot
  • Black transition knot
  • Two additional black falls
  • Five additional Kevlar crackers
  • Waxed and weatherproofed
  • 100% vegan and cruelty free materials
  • Free Circus Armory drawstring carry bag


How to Order:

For lengths of 4, 6, 8 and 10 feet, return to the "Whips and Juggling Props" page and select the appropriate listing for your desired length. All whips ordered through this listing will have a primary color of black, with your choice of secondary color. Heel knot will have two strands of black cord, with a center inlay of your chosen secondary color. Examples of each available pattern are included in the product photos above. Current build time is 4-6 weeks from time of order to time of shipment. 

Not enough options for you? Go to the "Contact" page above to place a 100% customizable order with all the bells and whistles. You'll get it just as fast and usually for the same price, just with that extra personal touch.

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